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Salmon are an anadromous fish found both in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  The highly preferred king salmon are found the cool and oxygenated salt water of the North Pacific Ocean where they find abundant food. The Atlantic salmon are found in the east coast of North America and Western Europe.  They spend the 2-4 years of their adult life there, but migrate up the fresh water rivers and streams to attempt to spawn at the same location where they were spawned. Different salmon species return at different times of the year. King, chinook, Atlantic, red, and sockeye salmon generally are seen returning to rivers in the spring. During the summer the silver or coho salmon dominate the runs. Chum salmon and steelhead trout, a member of the salmon family, often migrate during the autumn.

Because the migration is so challenging, the quality of the salmon declines the farther the salmon travels. The best fresh salmon for eating are caught in or near salt water. This has encouraged the development of coastal salmon fish farms which now offer quality salmon in competitive quantities. Farmed salmon provide affordable supply and protect native salmon runs from being overfished. Salmon farms have been successfully established in ocean waters of both the northern and southern hemisphere.

Salmon is available to consumers in various forms: fresh, smoked, canned, cured as lox, dried as jerky, or processed as pate’ or sushi.

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