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AgBASE quickly delivers online wine connoisseurs, specialty food consumers or produce buyers directly to their choice of farm and winery sources with the ease of shopping at a farmer’s market. Our virtual marketplace forms the heart of an online social community featuring interactive information of interest to consumers, value-added resellers, and agricultural producers.  By directing buyers to a virtual farmer’s market, we are becoming the premier world-wide one-stop source of local fresh foods and wine at a fair price. 

The AgBASE search-directory website provides the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself and your business in all of its uniqueness.  A basic listing is FREE.  Opportunities are available as shown below to promote your business products with your own eye-catching advertisements as shown below

The following three steps describe how to place your business advertisement on

Step 1. Get Your Free Listing on AgBASE®

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Step 2: Select an Advertising Campaign That Meets Your Needs

AgBASE provides five advertizing campaign levels that can be customized to maximize your visibility to customers seeking your products.  Most often the advertisement visibility ranges from the highest on the “home” page to lowest on a given “variety” page. For example:

Highest Visibility

Home Page                 Category Page                 Commodity Page               Variety (Product) Page

Website Examples:

Home Page                 Fruit                                Apples                               Fresh Apples

Home Page                 Washington Wine             Red Wine                          Washington Merlot Red Wine

Home Page                 Meat                               Beef Meat                          Roast Meat, Beef

2014 Advertising Pricing - Two Options:

                                                                        Option A1                                      Option B1

                     Campaign                                    Fixed Monthly Fee                           First Month Set-up Fee3

                                                                                                                             Month 2 - 12+:  Pay Per Click (PPC)

                                                                                                                                                    Min - Max / Month                                                                                                                    

     (1) Discover 2014 Special Campaign             Price: $79 / Month (< $3 / Day)         $79     PPC = $0.39     $10 - $99                                                                                          

                    Content - 6 Advertising Pages2

                     2 Commodity Pages

                     4 Variety Pages    

     (2) Bronze Campaign Package                     Price: $159 / Month (< $5 / Day)       $159     PPC = $0.39     $10 - $159


                    Content - 12 Advertising Pages2

                     1 Category Page

                     3 Commodity Pages

                     8 Variety Pages

     (3) Silver Campaign Package                       Price: $249 / Month (< $9 / Day)        $249     PPC = $0.39     $10 - $299

                    Content - 16 Advertising Pages2

                     2 Category Pages

                     4 Commodity Pages

                    10 Variety Pages

     (4) Gold Campaign Package                       Price: $349 / Month (< $12 / Day)        $349     PPC = $0.39     $10 - $419

                    Content - 20 Advertising Pages2

                     3 Category Pages

                     5 Commodity Pages

                    10 Variety Pages

     (5) Platinum Campaign Packages               Price: $449 / Month (< $15 / Day)        $449     PPC = $0.39      $10 - $539                                                                   

                    Content - 24 Advertising Pages2

                     1 Home Page

                     4 Category Pages

                     6 Commodity Pages

                    12 Variety Pages

     1 Annual Subscription

     2 Advertiser’s choice of product pages to place advertisements,

     3 First month advertisement set-up fee; one time only and covers cost for all customer clicks during first month.

Please note that the variety (product) listings for all business purchasing advertisements will be given priority ranking on their respective product listing pages.  Ranking at the top of the variety (product) page will be made according to total purchase price by your business. The page position of all advertisements is rotated randomly to ensure frequent top position.

Ready to get started? Set up your advertisement page today! Use our online advertising setup form, and then you can pay for your advertisement using our secure online payment system.

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