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AgBASE® is an e-commerce small business located in the “Apple Capital of the World,” Wenatchee, Washington.  The business is a growing, for-profit, “C” Corporation that generates revenue through marketing advertisements and charging transaction brokerage fees.  It is being developed to participate in the rapidly expanding domestic and international food and beverage markets.  With the use of network technologies, AgBASE seeks to further support U.S. small business and family farm efforts in serving global markets and helping many people around the world eat better.  Today, www.agbase.com (AgBASE) has become an expanding “virtual order desk” for U.S. agriculture food and beverage products.  Users from every state and more than 130 countries around the world can now easily order food and beverage products wholesale.   As a fully integrated agricultural-specific e-commerce platform, AgBASE provides a unique service to support the efficient marketing and movement of food and beverage to domestic and international population centers.  In addition, small business agricultural producers and value-added wholesalers are provided with greater online visibility for promoting and selling their products with AgBASE.

In 2007, the Internet’s business-to-business (B2B) wholesale food market was quite immature.  Many earlier attempts to market agricultural food products on the Internet had failed because of limited interest in some cases.  In others, the focus was more on promoting local, buy-direct agriculture, such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or creating a platform for large corporate producers to interact with national grocery chains.  By contrast, AgBASE began by creating a business-to-consumer (B2C) directory service to attract website traffic and function as a large-scale virtual farmers’ market.  Website interest was limited until late 2010 - early 2011 when www.agbase.com was moved to the “cloud.”  Visitor use increased dramatically with unique visitor days rising 1,500 percent.  In addition, a stronger interest in B2B transaction capability for food and beverage products also spurred this viral growth.  Thus, AgBASE is now implementing and expanding the B2B virtual order desk transactional services, particularly to make U.S. food and beverage products more visible and available to thousands of national and international buyers.

AgBASE.com provides the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself and your business in all of its uniqueness.  A basic business to consumer (B2C) listing in the AgBASE retail store as well as a business to business (B2B) listing in the AgBASE wholesale store are FREE.  Opportunities to promote your business products through eye-catching advertisements are also available at http://www.agbase.com/advertise/

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Market Opportunity

The Internet has become the primary one-stop-shop for enormous numbers of people.  The variety of virtual stores is endless: they go to Amazon.com for books, Expedia.com for travel packages, or Shoebuy.com for a pair of shoes. Now with AgBASE.com, an Internet shopper in search of Beluga caviar, a select cut of meat, mint oil, a gift box of apples, or perhaps a specialty cheese has a one-stop premium food marketplace to shop.

AgBASE can quickly take consumers or buyers directly to their desired food and beverage product, as easily as if they were shopping at a farmer's market. We connect buyers and sellers across the globe, enabling people to locate and order rare and specialty foods and beverages, ethnic cuisine, or even just a steak with a "click of a mouse!"

Throughout the U.S. and Canada, consumers are showing a growing desire to shop for healthy and "safe" foods that are locally grown or prepared within 100 miles of home.  Some are opting to give up foods that are imported large distances, at great expenditures of fossil fuels, and at potential risk of international food safety issues.  Others merely want to support their local farmers and businesses, while enjoying food that is fresher, healthier and better tasting.  We can connect buyers and sellers within as little as 25 miles of each other and as far as they wan to go!

Some regions specialize in certain products, and seasonal specialties.  With AgBASE, the buyer wishing to compare the wines of Washington, the cheeses of Wisconsin, Alaska Copper River salmon or the Valentine chocolates available in New England can do so quickly.

And, we go beyond merely expediting sales.  AgBASE is the first Internet site to look at the food and beverage markets as a whole.  In addition, we bring connoisseurs of good food together and the individuals who produce or sell this food in an online social community.  Other websites offer content, but only AgBASE offers a person-to-person connection, an opportunity to interact within a community, and the ability to purchase the full range of products they want from the source they choose to support.

Our Business

AgBASE through its online website, provides consumers an alternative non-traditional choice of direct local shopping for produce, wine and other agricultural-based products.  However, because of consumer's choice, seasons and location, local sources of food are not always readily available.  AgBASE then provides an expanding online marketplace to shop for globally available food and beverage products.

Thus, AgBASE online serves as a virtual farmer's market, focusing on supporting farm product marketing at both the local and global levels.  We directly connect consumers and small lot wholesale buyers and distributors with agricultural producers and value-added resellers of food, beverage, and other agricultural products.  Our marketplace forms the heart of a social community website that features interactive information of interest to consumers, value-added resellers, and agricultural producers.

AgBASE, Inc., was formed as a State of Washington Corporation in 2002.  Our office base is in the Wenatchee Confluence Technology Center.  To facilitate easy use, our virtual farmer's market website has more than 50 product categories that can be located either by search or by use of a three-step content wizard.  AgBASE listing of products is free of charge and supported by internal contextual advertising where the advertisements are selected and served by automated systems based on the content displayed to the user.

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