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AgBASE® supports a rapidly expanding domestic and international food and beverage online marketplace. We connect home consumers with food vendors across the globe within our “Retail Store” shown above.  Commercial buyers and sellers, including value added resellers, are connected in our “Wholesale Store.”  Our “Vision” at AgBASE is to assist people around the world to eat better.


 “Find Foods Fast”®

The AgBASE “Retail Store” focuses on direct sales to the consumer.  Here we enable our website users to quickly locate and order rare and specialty foods, a high-quality Washington wine, ethnic cuisine, or even just a steak with a "click of a mouse!"  You can do it too!  Vendors are provided free listings by “Contact Us.”  On-page advertising services for vendors are provided for a small fee.


“We Feed The World”™

The AgBASE “Wholesale Store” focuses on supporting business-to-business (B2B) sales.  Here we enable our commercial website users to efficiently buy and sell large quantities of food and beverage products.  Registration is required to ensure a secure marketplace.  Vendors are provided free listing through “Contact Us.” Small transactions fees are charged for sales.

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